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Art drawn for my story

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Art drawn for my story. By the Fans! Of the Fans! For the Fans!
The Simple Life Chapter 28
Word Count: 370+
Status: 1st draft
Percent complete: 5-10%
Note: Yes! Broke my writer's block!!

So I'm back home, all moved into my new place, and ready to start writing again! With that being said, I apologize for the lack of well... any progress between last chapter and the upcoming one. But I haven't been entirely dormant, I've been able to knock out a few commissions and per the usually I'm thrilled to share them with you. So without further ado... GET SOME ART!!

First up, SoulEaterSaku90  brings us this gem. I think he managed to capture this quick little moment between Sonic and Dash quite nicely. A little instant in time that means so much, but could have been overlooked so easily.
The Moment by SoulEaterSaku90

Next, also by Souleater, we have Twi's calm and quiet discussion was also masterfully captured. God I just love the rage and fury he managed to bestow upon our fiery maned femme fatale.
HE'S MINE! by SoulEaterSaku90

Next up we have another beauty by Seanica which, and feel free to call me biased, stars the best pony. Of course I'm talking about Spitfire! I love this on so many levels... might just have a new desktop background!

The Captain by Seanica

But Gunflame, some of you may ask, what about BroDogz? Does he still draw for you? To you I say, Of course he does! I just haven't been able to utilize him in the same capacity since I do have Soul covering the simple life. But never fear, I still have him busy. Check this stuff out! 

Commission: Cloud vs Sol - Klash by BroDogzComm: Nightmare vs Gutz - Final Blow by BroDogz

Now I know what you're thinking... Gunflame! THESE ARN'T PONIES! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!!!???

Relax... I just wanted to put B-Dogs claim of 'I can draw anything to the test!' And if you ask me, humans are WAY harder than ponies plus it was an excuse to match up some of the coolest characters ever and pit them against one another! There needs to be more of this stuff!

Oh, and I did hand out the prize points from before, do let me know if I missed you. All the rigmarole of moving has got me all frazzled and slightly in a tiff... but I think it's all over and hopefully I be able to settle back into a nice groove. 


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Thanks for taking the time to :+fav: on Celestial Dawn. :D Hope you like some of my other stuff as well. ^^
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Greetings, long time no see! How are you now & you speak Russian too? Wow ^^
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Me? Speak Russian?! You kidding!?  I can barely speak English!  However Google Translate does a pretty good job lol!
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Вы видели комиксы ?! Когда они высасывают любовь, которую они должны это убивает вас !!
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You have amazing artwork
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