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Art drawn for my story

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Art drawn for my story. By the Fans! Of the Fans! For the Fans!
The Simple Life Chapter 23
Word Count: 2500+
Status: First Draft
Percent complete: 20%
Notes: Well if this chapter ain't loaded to the brim with forshadowing, then I'll eat my hat!

Screw the stupid tag rules. I ain't tagging anyone since tagging is stupid... Strange1331 and Snicketbar can both burn in pit of fire. Here's your dumb answers: 
5 Things about myself:

1. I'm a Petty Officer in the United States Navy
2. I'm married to CoolcatTerri 
3. I have 4 American Short hair cats who all have ridiculous names (Thomas Rutherford Cat, Blackie McBlackenstein, and the twins Oreo O' Malley and Donovan O' Malley and 2 dogs of which only one has a ridiculous name...( the basset, Sir Frederick Longbottom the third the Archduke of Waggleton, and the yapper dog, Mia{guess which one my wife named})
4. I'm of mixed ethnicity I'm African American and Russian
5. My favorite car ever made is the 1985 Mercury Tiffany (it's the car Cruella DeVil had!)



          1. How did you first know about Sonic?

In 1991 I bought a Sega Genesis and it was bundled the game Sonic the hedgehog. That's right...I was their from the MUTHERFUKIN' START!!

2. Who is your #1 favorite Sonic character?


3. Who is your favorite Sonic Villain?


4. What is your favorite Sonic music?


5. Before MLP: FiM, what were your thoughts on My Little Pony?

I had none.

6. What got you into MLP: FiM?

Two people Fyreskorn and another sailor. Fyreskorn showed it to me first, I dismissed it and called him gay. Then another sailor i was buddies with was hanging out with me and I had like two hours to kill before I was aloud to go home. He was like, 'you can chill in my room, but I'm watchin' ponies!' So I had to watch a few episodes, by the third one I was trying to find faults with the show...and then it hit me... I liked the damned thing.


7. List your favorite Mane from most to least.








8. Your favorite Minor characters (CMC, Princess, Background, Villain)?
CMC: Sweetie Belle

Princess: Dead tie between Luna and Celestia. Seriously, I'm not one to BS you, I really like them both and can't imagine one without the other.

Background: Spitfire

Villain: King Sombra

9. What got you into the crossover of Sonic MLP?
 Some idiot on the internet said RD was faster than Sonic. I had never before seen such stupidity in my life, even on the internet and made it a personal goal to fight this battle where ever I see it.


10. You must do this meme:



I hate you Strange1331 


1. WHAT is your name?

2. WHAT is your quest?

3. WHAT is your favorite color?

4. What is the STRANGEst thing you have ever done/seen?
The strangest thing I ever saw while I was on deployment. I saw a grown man jump into a dumpster with another grown man and perform oral sex on the other man to completion in exchange for two oranges. 

5. Favorite voice actor?
I met the guy who did the voice of I guess him, but Mark Hamil plays a mean Joker.

6. If you could become a normal part of any universe, be it Sonic, MLP, Fullmetal Alchemist, HOMESTUCK, etc., what would it be and why?
Warhammer 40K, why? cuz it's awesome!

7. So, you’re now a part of that universe. What do you look like? What even ARE you? Got any special abilities or items like other main characters in the universe? E.g. Super speed, Unicorn, Alchemy, GODTIER, etc.

I would be a Space marine and have all the abilities that would entail.

8. Did you notice I wrote question 4 as question 5?

No you didn't because I've answered them as I went.

No I didn’t. Make you look!
You need to wake up earlier than that Strange.

Not today Strange...Not today.

How do you feel about that, huh?
Pretty good actually.

9. Are you actually going to tag anybody? (IGNORE THE RULES, PLEASE TAG ME)

10. Kill, marry, engage in reproductive activities with: ANY FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.
I'll answer this last.

I hate you Snicketbar 
1. What brought you to Deviant Art? Not why you joined, but what were you looking for when you first visited the site.
Pretty sure I was looking Sonic art believe it or not.

2. What was your first game system? No, smart phones don't count.
The SEGA Genesis

3. Pepsi or Coke?

4. Bottle water or straight from the tap?
Bottle when out of the country, tap when I'm in the States.

5. What's you opinion on all these recent reboots on certain franchises?
Ya win some ya lose some

6. Am I the only one that's having trouble coming up with ten questions?
No, I'm not gonna even try.

7. Are you planning on getting a next gen console? If so, which one?
I own a PS4 and 2 Xbox ones (one for me and one for my wife) and I'll be getting a Wii U shortly... so yeah.

8. What brought you to MY DA page? Why'd you add me to you're watch list?
You commented on my story and I noticed your Story was a rival to mine in the Sonic/Mlp category. Kinda on a quest to out-badass you. P.S. Your Sonic lovelife bit going on I think gives my own complicated love stories a run for their money.

9. What are your thoughts on our countries obsession with health and fitness?
Good, too many fat people. Now that I've been outside the U.S. and seen just how many hot chicks their are out here, everytime a fat girl tells me, that it's in her genes or she's got a medical condition I'm going to laugh in her face. Becasue how is it that disease is only America? Put down the twinkie and work out fatty!

10. Do you play any online games?

Okay Fuck, marry, kill... hmmm  
Hit it and quit it- Seras Victoria from Van HellsingSeras Victoria by xxcrossmaniac
Marry- Tifa LockheartFF7 Tifa by ferus
Kill-Yuna Yuna by Wen-M YOUR GAME WAS STUPID!!!

But I'm sure you all wanna know, If I was a pony..

One night stand- Celestia Princess Celestia. by Marenlicious

Marry- Spitfire Spitfire tumblr profile pic (march 2013) by PluckyNinja 

Kill- Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie by 0-GizmoSue-0Couldn't deal with all the nonsense that comes out of her mouth



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The wolf you fed.
United States
NOW this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky,
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.

As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.


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WinterDominus 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for all the faves ^^
No problem your art is awesome!
So in your stories, does Thunderlane hold any resentment towards Rainbow Dash? I mean,she was nagging him for no reason, even though it was clear that he was sick during Hurricane Fluttershy. If I do recall, she called him lazy , which is pretty ironic considering her own lack of effort.
Resentment? Nah. 

He might think she's the most hypocritical creature to ever spread her wings and fly... But he's not resentful...

Okay... Maybe there is a teeny tiny bit of bad blood between the two. :D
LycanthropeHeart Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you so much for the watch! :D
Thank you for drawing such awesone art!
LarryKitty Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh Geez! Its been so long since I talked to ya buddy!
How ya been bro?
Yo bro, it has been a little while hasn't it? The Navy has kept me super busy what with being deployed an all. Been working 12 hour days since January with no days off. Plus I've been trying to unwind by seeing the sights out here in dubai and otherwise being a sailor (drinking myself stupid). Overall it has left me very little time to write and read. At least I was able to commission some art.

How have you been? I still can't believe I stumbled into some of your... Let's say... More mature literature. It's always good to hear from you.
LarryKitty Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(Blushs) that bad? I was just testing myself really.
Anyhoof I've been well and good. Getting things done. OH! and my fic will be read on Youtube at somepoint and time.
Well... Let me put it this way. After reading it, I strongly considered trying my own hand at it. Only time will tell though. I have had people ask if I write clop in the past especially after the chapter I had where everyone hooked up, so maybe.

Good to hear that you're doing good, I actually hit a bit of a rough patch myself. Some drama with me and officers after I actually had some no shit, I could have lost my life shit go down. But, at the end ofnyhe day, i'm still a petty officer, and I know in my heart of hearts what I did was fucking heroic. so I guess it's all good. 

Dude, send me a link whenever it is read because I sure hell wanna hear it.
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