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Art drawn for my story

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Art drawn for my story. By the Fans! Of the Fans! For the Fans!
The Simple Life Chapter 35
Word Count: 5873
Status: Finished!
Percent complete:100%
Note: Ready and waiting! The Simple Life Chapter 35

So it has come to my attention... What am I saying, I've known about this for awhile. That some people may be on fence on my choice of.... let's just call them, colorful words, and I wanna take a short moment to a dress that.

It's true I swear. It is also true that I'm a sailor. These things go hand in hand. Apparently it carries over to my writing and to be honest I am unashamed.  I try to keep it to a dull roar for censorship's sake, but in my opinion, editing it out/working around them overall doesn't feel genuine. For instance, I'm pretty sure there is only so mad you can get before you start letting F-bombs drop. If your not, good on you, but my characters are not cut from that stone. Save maybe Pinkie Pie.

But I'm curious to know how you guys feel about it. This journal came to existence because of a comparison to Snicketbar,  where it was said that I choose... well more vulgar language over his. Which despite I haven't finished his story (sorry Snicket, I'm tryin'!) I am inclined to agree from what I've read so far... actually, I think I may swear more than most of us that are in this little mlp/Sonic crossover cirlce.

Your input on the matter is important,  and I can say with finality that the swearing won't go away, it's a staple/ motiff and that's that... I will on the other hand make it less prevelant.

And while we are at it. As you all have read, I handle sex vary precariously in my story. The term I like to use is implicit. While not explicitly saying what they are doing, I heavily hint. I also am not afraid to make jokes with sex being at the center of it, IE: Twilight's getting picked on by her friends, or Spike’s/Flash's Porn mag conundrum.

Lastly... you know what I haven't done in a while? RANT! I need to do a rant. Ooh, I got one, and it's related to swears.


What really bugs me, like drives me up a wall... are pony swears.

I'm referring to the word 'Buck'. This is such a ridiculous work around that it not even funny. Every time I see it I just want to cringe. It's just so fake and  forced that it hurts. I believe this to be because when I see it. I think 'Oh, they MLP'd the F-word.' Then my immediate cognizant thought is 'ponies wouldn't say that.' Why does my brain do that I don't know. But then when they straight-up swear, I read it as a normal sentence.

But here is the kicker... we know Godd*mn well what you meant to say Motherf*cker. Don't play f*cking games. Don't thinking for one f*cking moment that you slipped that sh*t passed us. It's not f*c king cute. It's not f*cking editing. You meant to say the word F*CK! Just f*cking say it!

See you all knew what I said. That is literally the equivalent of pony swears. So please... friends don't let friends use pony swears.


Wow... I just read this over and it read like hot garbage... this is what I get for trying the new phone app and posting a journal with so little sleep... oh well, in the spirit of the journal post... fuck it.


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Assimilation of the Force

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